Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monster Mud Flaps

Today I installed the Enkay Rock Tamers on the tow vehicle (TV). Everything I've read about the Alaska highway suggests that it's not like the 'old' days any longer. Most of it is paved. But, the Alaska winters wreak havoc on it and therefore it is in a constant state of repair. Translate that to many miles of unpaved gravel. The thought of slinging rocks against a polished aluminum Airstream is enough to keep the owners of these beauties awake at night. So, the rock guards are an essential accessory. I was going to make my own, but at some point you just don't have the time. The Enkay Rock Guards have received consistently great reviews from others.

The installation was very straightforward. I had some trepidation when I had to cut the very hefty flap material. But, a new blade in the knife made it a snap. The instructions say to leave 3 - 4" of clearance and others on the Airstream Forum say 2 - 3". So, I cut them for 3" and I can always shorten them. It will be a few thousand miles before I really test them, but I will give a report as we go.

Here's a picture of the installed Rock Tamers

These should do a good job protecting the soft aluminum skin of our Tin Wheel.

Stay tuned, Sarah is out researching new window treatments to replace the old and somewhat dingy window curtains.

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