Monday, May 9, 2011

In Pursuit Of A New Mattress

When we bought the Tin Wheeler we didn't have much time to really test one of the most important fixtures of the trailer, the bed. After all, you can't just ask the salesman to disappear for a few hours while you and your wife take a nap. Well, with the trailer in the driveway, we slept these past two nights in Mary Joan (a.k.a. Tin Wheeler). What we found was very uncomfortable. While Airstream makes a quality product, they do try to maximize profits. This means putting in foam mattresses that last only a few years. At six years old, our mattress has seen better days. Suffice to say that the experience of sleeping on that mattress was much like sleeping on an air mattress while the air slowly leaked out.

After an extended internet search, I found a mattress company in Brockton, MA that will make custom mattresses. Emphasis on the word custom. As any observer can immediately detect, there are no squares corners on an Airstream. The corners of our mattress have a pronounced curve, hence the need for custom design.

We took the mattress from the Tin Wheeler to Mattress Makers in Brockton where the very knowledgeable salesperson, Leah, showed us all the options available. We decided on a coil spring overlay-ed with urethane foam. She has to check this design with her boss, but thinks it can be made. Best of all the cost was very reasonable.

If the coil spring cannot work due to the curves, they can make a foam mattress that will be nearly as comfortable.

Stay tuned for updates on our sleeping arrangements.

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