Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down to the wire

We thought we were doing well with our preparations to leave on Sunday morning. Our relaxed attitude, however, quickly morphed into an adrenalin infused flurry of activity today. We had help though. My mother is a veteran of preparing a trailer for the road and she was more than willing to pitch in .

I brought the new mattress back from the Mattress Makers yesterday. It fits perfectly, and should be a dream (pardon the pun) to sleep on. Today was mostly loading food and linens into the trailer and all the other stuff like inflatable boat, motor, tools, etc into the truck.

All that's left to do tonight before we collapse is to pack our clothes, gather up all of our maps and guide books then get ready to hit the road tomorrow morning. Oh, and to clean the house so that my nephew and his wife won't have to clean up after us. They are going to take care of the house and cat until we return. Thanks Duncan and Michelle.

We have a short drive tomorrow. Will stop in Newburgh, N:Y for the night then have a short drive on Monday to Gettysburg, PA.

The adventure finally begins.

Stay Tuned

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  1. I know the feeling. We rode that adreniline ride two days ago. The last minute things to put in the trailer were tough. We spent 3 hours last night reorganizing our trailer.

    PS. I answered your comment on our blog but I let Shawn know you were interested in the widget.


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