Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Special Event Rally of the Cape Cod Unit of the WBCCI

Our first adventure in the Mary Joan I was to a Wally Byum Carravan Club International (WBCCI  http://www.wbcci.org/) rally hosted by the Cape Cod Unit (http://www.capecodmassunit.org/). As soon as we arrived numerous long time members welcomed us and offered any assistance we might need. This first impression set the tone for the rest of the weekend and was a foreshadowing of what the individuals who make up the  WBCCI are all about. It is a group of individuals who have chosen the Airstream brand for their home away from home. Unfortunately, our extended travels have kept us from joining in many other events since. 
Lots of Airstreams at Coastal Acres already in place when we arrived, but they found a nice spot of us 

However, we finally were able to rejoin our group. This past weekend with the Cape Cod Unit's Special Event Rally in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod was an especially enjoyable experience for us. Familiar faces eagerly greeted us as soon as we arrived and three year old connections were instantly renewed. And, new acquaintances were made within minutes of our arrival. The shared experience of living in a small travel trailer in general and an Airstream in particular creates a bond that grows stronger as we share anecdotes, tips and techniques, and favorite destinations. Also, everyone enjoys showing off their trailers, especially those who have made new acquisitions since the last meeting. 
Happy Hour (photo courtesy Dottie Walbridge)
Old and new friends (photo courtesy Dottie Walbridge)

Spending four days in Provincetown after Labor Day was a special treat. The weather was pleasant, the summer crowds are gone and one gets to experience this town's true character. It is easier to connect with the year round residents, who seem more relaxed and willing to engage with us "tourists". 

In Provincetown, "colorful' is an understatement

There is so much to see and do. For Sarah and I, bicycling was at the top of our agenda. Established in 1967, the bike trails in the National Seashore are the oldest in a National Park in the country. Winding through the scenic, ever changing dunes, these trails are gentle enough for families with young children yet can be challenging enough for the toughest cyclers. The popularity of bicycling here is evident by the numerous establishments that provide bikes for hire. Others will find the shopping, both in Provincetown itself as well as the other towns closely spaced along Route 6, to be appealing. Or, one can drive to the National Seashore, carry a chair a short distance to the beach, and watch the waves and the fishing boats just off Race Point. It is possible at times to see whales from the shore.
Great bike path through the scenic dunes of Cape Cod at the National Seashore
Great views from the bike trail

Choosing a place to dine can be a trying affair. The number of choices is quite daunting and the quality is usually very high. We dined out with other Cape Cod Unit members for two of the four nights we spent at the Coastal Acres Campground (http://www.coastalacres.com/) that is just a short walk to the main attractions of Provincetown. Sarah and I were happy at each, The Squealing Pig (http://www.squealingpigptown.com/) and Napi's (http://www.napis-restaurant.com/). 
While choosing a place for dinner was difficult, the breakfasts under the tent were an extension of the party. Good food, and conversation.

The weekend passed too quickly, but as always, it seemed like we had left all our troubles so far behind and so long ago. That's what I especially enjoy about RVing, just a few days in a new place, with new acquaintances distorts time such that just 96 hours ago seems like ancient history. 
Smiling faces, all (photo courtesy Dottie Walbridge)

As our t-shirts say "Life is Good". Stay tuned.

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